Standardized Reading Test Strategy Practice: Practice Test 12

Practice "Tests" - Art as text for test preparation

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We are excited to present this illustration from Jon J Muth to enhance your test preparation. Use the watercolor below to challenge your students' thinking! You can use this PDF for test preparation as well!

  • 1 What is the best title for this picture?

    1. Follow the Leader
    2. A Halloween Parade
    3. The March of the Panda Bears
    4. Walking into A Ghost Story
  • 2 What probably won't happen next?

    1. the children will make a jack-o-lantern
    2. the children will follow the panda bear to a secret place
    3. the children will get very scared
    4. the spooky fog will grow thicker
  • 3 What is not a supporting detail in this picture?

    1. the children are in costumes
    2. the panda bear is at the front of the line
    3. the leaves are orange
    4. it is Halloween
  • 4 Which word best reflects the main idea of this picture?

    1. trust
    2. adventure
    3. Halloween
    4. fog
  • 5 What can you not infer from this picture?

    1. the panda bear knows where he is going
    2. the children are afraid
    3. the parents are worried about the children
    4. the children don't know where they are going
  • 6 Who is the main character in this picture?

    1. the boy dressed as a monster
    2. the panda bear in the robe
    3. the girl in the white dress
    4. the boy in the pirate-owl costume
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