Lesson Categories

  • Reading Lessons

    Lessons using visual art to support deep comprehension during a read-aloud with a featured picture book. The lesson includesdiscussion prompts around four pieces of visual art to discuss before reading, eight images from the book to support discussionduring reading, and four more pieces of visual art to discuss after reading.

  • Writing Lessons

    Lessons including visual art that illustrates the writing process and supports writing workshop. There are four mentor "text" images that illustrate the theme of the article along with conversation prompts and text to connect the parts of the lesson. Next, we logically connect the images to excerpts from mentor texts that further illustrate the point of the mini-lesson.

  • High-frequency Word Lessons

    Sets of images and discussion prompts designed to help you teach high-frequency words with visual art. Use the six images and accompanying sentences to make concrete connections to these abstract words.

  • Letter and Sound Lessons

    Collections of visual art to help students learn letters and sounds. Each set of six images illustrates objects or actions that start with, or otherwise include, the highlighted letter or word patterns. For example, to teach the letter M, we include visual art that shows a mirror, money, and the moon.

  • Comprehension Lessons

    Lessons including visual art that illustrates comprehension strategies. The lesson includes four mentor "text" images that illustrate the theme of the articles and conversation prompts and suggested language for connecting the parts of the lesson. The focus of the lesson is further illustrated with four text excerpts from favorite children's books.

  • Practice "Tests"

    Practice tests using visual art as the "text" upon which practice questions are based. This format offers an accessible (and beautiful) context for students to learn and practice common testing stems and strategies as a precursor to practicing them with written text.

  • Vocabulary Lessons

    A collection of visual art providing illustrated definitions of vocabulary words. We select tier-two words, most from our feature picture books, and display three pieces of art that show the word's meaning and one piece of art that shows the opposite of the word. In addition, we present a kid-friendly definition and three sentences with the word. Visual Vocabulary also has an option to customize or build your own list of illustrated words.