• Coaching Articles

    Essays and reflections about literacy coaching. These may include book reviews, protocols, videos, or other content to support coaches as they build their repertoire of strategies for supporting teachers' job-imbedded professional learning.

  • Comics

    Cartoon illustrations of reading and writing concepts. These comic strips are activators or hooks for teachers to engage students when introducing them to various reading and writing strategies.

  • Art Galleries

    Art for art's sake. Twelve pieces of visual art by a single artist are displayed to offer teachers and students a virtual space to enjoy art. This gallery often exhibits the artwork of an author or illustrator featured in one of our author studies.

  • Inspirational Art

    Visual art that provides inspiration and creative fuel. Most of the graphics relate to literacy themes and some are information graphics depicting statistics related to literacy. Most Literacy Graphics are available for purchase from the artists, whose sites are accessible from the Literacy Graphics page.

  • Websites

    A thematic compilation of 8-12 exceptional websites. Site seeing serves as a clearinghouse for some of the best digital resources the web has to offer.

  • Book Reviews

    A themed collection of ten brief book reviews. We review picture books that invite you and your students to think about a genre or topic in new ways and to think about classic books from a fresh perspective. Each book in these reviews has an Order button for one-click access to vendors outside Literacyhead. Literacyhead is an affiliate site for Amazon.com and receives a percentage of Amazon revenues generated from books ordered through our site.

  • Teaching Articles

    Essays and reviews that will fuel your creative life. These articles, most written by Cameron Brooks, offer you the opportunity to think of your creative self in and out of the classroom. Topics may include reviews of grown-up books, movies, product reviews, and other offerings that invite you to think about the ways art influences our lives.

  • Writing Prompts

    Images to give writers ideas. Six pieces of visual art are arranged in sets. Sometimes these sets align with a particular theme, while other times they are very different. These are visual writing prompts intended as options for students and teachers exploring topics for writing.